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KIND of cliché (Obviously) I don’t tag EVERYTHING with a - DATE

A full champagne flute in hand & a special VIP wristband - A side note (it - ROCKED)

Leaving ME with a (SIDE - effect) the blip in my - HEADPHONES

(Avant-Garde) became chiseled in incisive strokes within your - SOUL .

THE ARTIST is held captive in a - CHAKRAVYUHA

'til death do us part." ("The title says it - ALL,")

"So, yes! I know Boo - Hoo" Nobody can forge its exact - COPY

(Snap!) I see you ARTIST and raise you, the - PRANKSTER!

0% joking and 100% C-razy... what a - SURPRISE!

(Sideways SMILES) the Unexpected flip - SIDE

(RE - WIND) Pre - The Highlight Reels (excuse the - PUN)

Counting “...5, 6, 7, 8" before I do anything, is on the list of my TOP - 10

(UN-filter) Let's call it the Highlight Reel - OUCH!

HILARIOUS? (wrong) I think I get the last laugh! - HAHAHAHA

my ROCK, star Years (Nick-Named) The side - HUSTLE

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