In an Artistic - SLANG

(IN the STUDIO) I Artistically speak without words with headphones - ON

The blip in my - HEADPHONES

I lived in the wicked world of ART... And even if it was only for a season and not a lifetime it - ROCKED

Ah, the ART of choreography: is my - ART

I have an 'avant-garde' signature...And "No One" can forge - Its exact - COPY

Shhh! (QUIET! on set) Curtain up...Picture abhi baaki hai mere - DOST

Surrounded by life size stenciled cut-outs of - CHOREOGRAPHY

VIP access to my 143-ish FILMY - love - STORY

I the ARTIST who uses dance as - ART

The Diary Of Choreography is a must - READ if you want to understand my - CIRCUS 2.0

At ONE breathless minute and 43 seconds "red-carpet - STYLE."

Tinkering and shuffling the...Je Ne Sais - QUOI

I am more than a marionettist who choreographs marionettes' – I am a Maestro and a - WORDSMITH

The idiom ‘the devil is in the detail’ ( not copyrighted within my - DIARY)

I artistically “SPEAK” with a crooked and abstract - STYLE

The Poetic Art of - CHOREOGRAPHY

A penny for your thoughts' (Yes!) I write in SECRET - CODES

And YES! Metaphorically speaking as an ARTIST, I am OUT - THERE!

Maestro, drum roll — PLEASE & Assistants! - please unlock the PAGES!.....BECAUSE...It’s - SHOWTIME

CRY passionately, laugh, reminisce fondly. YELL fiercely. Scream, break down and be in - LOVE

I 'am a violent collision of ART, a written Picasso, a - WARHOL